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12 Dirt Bike Tires

12 dirt bike tires

    bike tires
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12 dirt bike tires - Dunlop MX31

Dunlop MX31 Dirt Bike Motorcycle Tires - 2.50-12 / Front

Dunlop MX31 Dirt Bike Motorcycle Tires - 2.50-12 / Front

Soft Terrain Tires
Patented "chiseled shoulder block shape"
Limited block surface penetrates soft dirt/sand to contact harder ground for increased traction
Rounded shoulder block shape improves side traction and makes traversing ruts easier
Tie-bar for increased block stiffness and recess design for improved soft-to-medium terrain performance
Unique "cross-stitch" shoulder block distribution for better traction and grip in soft-to-medium conditions
Enhanced land/sea ratio and a wider tread profile for improved traction
Larger radius block base for strength and increased durability

81% (15)

it's not pretty, but it'll go anywhere

it's not pretty, but it'll go anywhere

We're starting to ride together again when we can get babysitting, so I had to dust off one of my bikes... This is my "I'll ride it anywhere, road or dirt, or both, I don't care" bike - an eclectic mix of cheap and expensive parts, jack of all trades, master of none, has been down rocky mountain bike trails, has been on several centuries, has been my commuter, etc, so on and so forth.
Funny thing is I didn't have this bike way back in the day when I was in shape and racing cyclocross, so it's never been used for its intended purpose. Maybe next year.

Horseshoe Scramble, NJ 12.4.10

Horseshoe Scramble, NJ 12.4.10

Becca & Allison killing the off camber

12 dirt bike tires

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