Iu Bike Auction

iu bike auction

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Art Auction

Art Auction

SLACK SPACE ART AUCTION on Sunday 28 November at 6.30pm.

Follow the huge success of Slack Space’s first art auction in April we will again be conducting this exciting event to raise funds for the organisation. Slack Space is run entirely by volunteers. Come and support us, have a great evening and find some creative solutions to the christmas present dilemma!

The Slack Space art auction will run from 7pm – 9pm and from 9pm onwards we invite you to stay around and listen to some great music from popular local folk band The Medlars. The evening will also feature mulled wine, mince pies and a fundraising raffle. Please try and support us if you can. We rely on your donations!

A current list of art auction contributors is below. We offer our sincere thanks to these local artists who have donated their work to support us. There is some amazing work in the auction and we’re sure everyone will find something to their taste.

For the online auction catalogue please see this flickr site over the next few days. Please keep checking the catalogue as not all the images have come in yet and we will keep updating it up to the date of the auction itself.

Contributors to the Slack Space art auction are as follows:

Adrian Mills
Brave 1
Brenda Jones
Caroline Wright
Charlotte Pratt
Dan Thompson
David Jones
David Ross
Dot Schwartz
Ilona Northall
Jane Ostler
John Livingstone
Little hello
Mariya Ustymenko
Matt Keeling
Nicki Reid
Paula Mc Gregor
Paula Vans
Sarah Barber
Sioux Jordon
Tristan Burfield
Verity Mansfield

auction stuff 002

auction stuff 002

Weekend Finds.
The two cassarole's came from a flea market...$7 ea and the snowflake came from an auction. Snagged it and a few other clear baking dishes for $5.
It came with two lids...one glass and one metal. Anyone know anything about the metal lid? It says Pyrex but I have never seen it before.

iu bike auction

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