Track Bike Reviews

track bike reviews

    track bike
  • A track bicycle or track bike is a bicycle optimized for racing at a velodrome or outdoor track. Unlike road bicycles, the track bike is a fixed-gear bicycle and so has a single gear and neither freewheel nor brakes. Tires are narrow and inflated to high pressure to reduce rolling resistance.

  • A bicycle made for track (also called "velodrome") racing. These bikes resemble road-racing models but have only one gear and no brakes. The gear is "fixed," which means you can't coast. You control speed by holding back on the pedals.

  • A very simple bike used for track racing. It has a single-speed gear without freewheeling and there are no brakes.

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track bike reviews - Securix Motion

Securix Motion Detection Clock Camera With Cycling Recording and Battery Power Backup with Real Time Stamp, Silver / Black

Securix Motion Detection Clock Camera With Cycling Recording and Battery Power Backup with Real Time Stamp, Silver / Black

The securix digital desk clock with motion activated hidden camcorder is not just a regular clock, but it is actually a pin-hole camcorder, taking video onto a sd card with motion activated function. it is ideal for office, home, and stores covert surveillance because nobody will ever know that they are being watched. the securix hidden camcorder not only has a fully functional clock but also has hidden motion detection video recorder. every movement in front of the lens triggers a video. it has a patented cycle of recording function--when sd card memory is full, the camera will overwrite the earliest video with the newest recorded video automatically so as to have continuous recording. it supports up to 16gb sd card memory. it also has built-in patented battery power backup feature--the 4xaaa battery operation will take over only when the ac power adaptor is disconnected or when the ac power is off so as to ensure that every movement in front of the lens will be recorded. easy enough, users can view videos by transferring video from sd memory card to cell phone or pc. the video will also show its time and date being recorded. stops recording video 10 seconds after motion ceases. the camera lens is with patented tilt up and down camera cover that can be adjusted to choose different video recording angles. one 2gb sd memory card and ac power adaptor included.

88% (7)

Masi Special pursuit track bike

Masi Special pursuit track bike

this is a '71-'72? Masi special track bike. it is made of Reynolds 531 tubing. It is Italian made. it comes equipped with all original Masi spec'ed and modified parts. the pedals and saddle were added later, however. this bike is very light and must've been a very purpose-built custom track racing machine.

Super Track Bike Road Test, Bicycling 7/75 Pg.5

Super Track Bike Road Test, Bicycling 7/75 Pg.5

Bicycling Magazing "Super Track Bike Road Test" from July 1975. Contains reviews of Fuji, Masi, Kabuki, Panasonic, and Ron Cooper bikes. VERY cool.

track bike reviews

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