Where Can I Buy A Bmx Bike

where can i buy a bmx bike

    bmx bike
  • A BMX bike or BMX is the name of a popular bicycle which is used for both casual use and sport and is designed mainly for dirt and motocross cycling. "BMX" is the usual abbreviation for bicycle motocross.

    can i
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Ken Deep

Ken Deep

An evening out on the town by Wilson:

The best was the late-night downtown Walnut Creek tour on Thursday night, between 9 and 11, riding by a dozen parked exotic rides including Ferrari's of all years and colors, a black Phaeton (this car is baller-status on the real), Porsche's etc. There were the typical fronters rollin' in their parents Benz S's and BMW 7's, cruising illegally - that's circling the block three times in a row at about 3 mph.

I cross the intersection where I can get a good view on a couple downtown bars where there are hounds of ladies out, literally smelling the perfume and hog juice from across the street. I hear this "whap-whap-wha-da-da-doosh" from behind and I turn. It's Ken flying across the intersection after pulling a showoff stunt on his BMX bike, shin guards ablaze and everything, bailing at about 20mph only to catch himself on his feet (always does) as he makes a stunna' entrance without the regulated club attire. All high heels turn on the two single speeders making their wake-up arrival into downtown Walnut Creek.

P.S. To understand the immensely free and joyous time to be had on two wheels, you have to understand the yuppie town Walnut Creek is (that's a good thing), there are absolutely no bikes around - everyone is rolling a g-ride or the girl is getting out of a leased Toyota Corolla hoping to hook up with the guy driving the Phaeton (shit could be leased, too - more likely bought with cold cash). I must've said it more than a few times: "man doesn't get more free than this."

P.S.S. My homie, Jason and I, invented downtown Walnut Creek cruising back in the day - before the city posted anti-cruising signs - and instead, in a lifted Jeep on 33s, a 1000 watts pumping into a pair of 15" subs mounted inside a band-passed dog house, flexing the store windows through Broadway Plaza. Musically, it was either Masta Ace or Method Man bringing the pain.



The first bike I remember owning was my beloved Raleigh Budgie.

Being born midway through the 70’s I was a little too young for the much adored Chopper, and too small still for a Tomohawk, so Budgie it was.

It was the bike I learned to ride on two wheels, first removing one stabiliser and then the other. I remember to this day the exact moment and place when my dad let go of the chrome seat post that looped over the saddle, and hearing his voice fade as I gathered pace.

Many an hour and several tubs of Brasso where spend polishing the chrome mudguards, the swooping handelbars and each and every spoke until it shine so bright it hurt your eyes.

Pulling wheelies across the park, clipping playing cards to the frame with clothes pegs to transform my humble Budgie into the mean easy rider it was always intended to be.

I miss my Budgie – so much so that trawling the web to see if there might just be one out there that I can buy, and pass on to my son so that he can share the joy.

When I see ones like that in this photo my heart bleeds, and I yearn for a tin of Brasso and a summer’s day.

where can i buy a bmx bike

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