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Bike Handlebar Covers

bike handlebar covers

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Carlton Criterium

Carlton Criterium

In 1975 I sold my Raleigh Chopper (mark 1) and bought a Carlton Continental to do my paper round. I think I paid ?57 for it brand new from Halfords in Yate and bought it on the never never at ?3.93 per month. It had five gears, chrome-dipped forks, white handlebar tape and was painted polychromatic violet which sounds awful but believe me, was fantastic in the mid-70s. I cycled everywhere on it and loved it. A couple of years later when I was 16 I bought a Honda SS50 to travel to work and the Carlton seemed old hat so I sold it to Digger Pace who had stayed on in the 6th Form. Almost immediately I regretted it but when Digger went to university I lost touch with him and my old bike.

More than 30 years later and I was browsing ebay. It occurred to me that someone somewhere might be selling a Continental, so I did a search. No Continentals, but someone was selling a Carlton Criterium and so I placed a bid and to my surprise I won it for ?27, not much difference than I paid all those years ago. I had to drive from Bristol to Manchester to collect it but it was worth it because, to my surprise the bike was absolutely mint. It had been bought new in 1980, ridden for a short while and then replaced with a professional bike. The Criterium was then hung in the owners parents garage for 25 years, but in 2006 they decided to downsize and put the bike on ebay. It still has the original tyres, saddle and handlebar covering, not tape, but a kind of up-market fabric.

The Criterium was much higher up the foodchain than the Continental and out of my price range all those years ago. Good grief, it even has ten gears and centre-pull brakes! Unfortunately by 1980, racing bikes were going out of fashion as everyone went for the new craze from America, mountain bikes. The Carlton factory in Worksop eventually closed in 1981 as owners Raleigh consolidated production at Nottingham in the face of the early 80s recession which did for a great deal of traditional British manufacturing.

These days I no longer do a paper round, so the Criterium only comes out on sunny summer days and I never allow it to get dirty. Digger is not getting his hands on this one.

Handlebars - 03

Handlebars - 03

New handlebar tape. I'll regret the white color once they are all dirty in two weeks. I got rid of the old brake shifters covers, so I used a little bit of white electrical tape instead.

bike handlebar covers

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